Austin Community Foundation

How it Works



Open up a Donor-Advised Fund.

Set up a donor advised fund (DAF) at Austin Community Foundation. If you already have a DAF, direct a portion of the assets in the DAF to FundATX. OR make a grant directly to FundATX.


ACF makes strategic investments.

Our primary purpose is to generate social returns consistent with our mission, while leveraging capital to meet the needs of our region. Assets invested in the fund are directed to the strategic investments through our partners.


Partner organizations distribute funds.

Our partners distribute loans and other forms of capital to individuals and small businesses in Central Texas, in accordance with their missions.


Financial returns and social impacts.

ACF targets an estimated financial return of 2 percent, which flows directly back to your DAF or can be reinvested in FundATX. The social impact of the portfolio is reported to investors twice a year.



We recycle that philanthropic capital back into closing the opportunity gap in Central Texas.